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12 August, 2020

What’s the Difference Between Living in a Senior Co-op vs. a Townhouse?

Many residents at Sugar Hill enjoy all the benefits of senior co-op community living. But what is cooperative living, and how does it differ from other types of senior living arrangements, such as purchasing a townhome or renting an apartment? 

What is a Cooperative Senior Community? 

A cooperative senior community (or co-op) is an organization owned and operated by a group of individuals who work together to create a mutually beneficial living situation. Residing in a co-op comes with many perks and more control over the community. Essentially, you become co-owners of the property and enjoy access to all of the community’s amenities and programs. 

There are also financial, physical, and lifestyle benefits to these types of communities. 

Financial Benefits of a Senior Co-op vs. Townhouse

In a townhouse, owners must get their own mortgage, and they will retain personal liability for the mortgage. In a cooperative, the cooperative entity holds the master mortgage and members own a share of the cooperative but do not have personal liability for that mortgage.

Buying into a co-op opens the door to many financial benefits which one simply does not have at a townhome. At Sugar Hill, these benefits include: 

  • More control. As a shareholder in the community, our resident-owners are involved in making decisions about community priorities and costs. At a townhome, the management company will determine most of these decisions.
  • Resale assistance. Sugar Hill markets your residence for resale at no cost to you or your beneficiaries. 
  • Streamlined payments. Residents can choose to have the association pay monthly bills directly, so they don’t have to worry about missing a payment
  • Peace of mind. Co-op owners enjoy tax benefits, stable monthly payments, and limited liability.   

Lifestyle Benefits of a Senior Co-op vs. Townhouse

Co-ops like Sugar Hill offer many shared community areas, which aren’t common in townhouse living. In fact, a co-op is perfect for those seeking a carefree, active lifestyle. The Sugar Hill community offers a wide range of social events that attract energetic and socially engaged co-op members. Additional lifestyle benefits include: 

  • Opportunities for (safe) socialization. Residents can participate in activities and trips informed by public health guidance - transportation included!
  • Delicious meals. World-class nutritious cuisine prepared by professional chefs is always available. Townhouse residents don’t benefit from on-campus meals! 
  • On-campus amenities. It’s just a few steps out the front door of each residence to enjoy entertainment, seminars, crafts, and hair salon services.
  • Pet-friendly. Bring your pets! Furry friends are always welcome at Sugar Hill. This is not the case at all townhouse complexes. 

Physical Benefits of a Senior Co-Op vs. Townhouse

At Sugar Hill, monthly community fees include all maintenance of the interior - including replacement of appliances - and exterior, as well as the grounds. In a townhouse, only a few external maintenance tasks are generally included in monthly HOA fees.  

At Sugar Hill, you will also enjoy other physical benefits: 

  • Safety. Fully accessible apartments and cottages in a safe community; not all townhomes offer accessibility, especially those which are not specific senior living communities. 
  • Worry-free living. Grounds maintenance, including snow and ice removal, is included.
  • Space to roam. Residents enjoy access to numerous common areas such as a meditation room, coffee shop, wellness center, multimedia room; as well as walking paths and access to a community garden. These spaces simply aren’t available at most townhomes. 

Worry-Free Living in Wolfeboro 

Sugar Hill is a cooperative retirement community located in scenic Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Spacious cottages and apartments provide stress-free living, with all-inclusive fees that cover exterior and interior maintenance, fine dining, and an array of safe social programs year-round. See what worry-free living looks like here!

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