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12 October, 2016

What Your Wall Color Says about Your Personality

Ever notice how the wall colors of some friends' homes reflect their personalities? Your friend who started her own business has shades of red in her living room. The couple that's always jetting off to Tahiti or a music festival has a yellow kitchen. The family of eight's entryway is painted blue.

It's long been known that certain personalities are drawn to specific colors. Dr. Taylor Hartman designed a personality test based on four colors—red, blue, yellow, and white.

Below are listed some of the types and qualities of people who like the following colors, as determined by consensus.

  • Red: Visionary, risk-taker, adventurer, dominance, power, passion, tenacity, flamboyance, courage
  • Yellow: Fun-lover, negotiator, leader, optimist, politician, cheerful, charismatic, magnetic, intelligent, confident, spontaneous, enthusiastic, sociable, creative. Somewhat psychic and enigmatic
  • Green: Troubleshooter, intellectual, inventor, rounded, logical, rational, rarely judgmental, task-oriented
  • Blue: Empathetic, philanthropist, dreamer, do-gooder, optimistic, empathetic, flexible, idealistic, patient, devoted, loyal, sincere, thoughtful
  • White: Peacekeepers, good listeners, clarity, tolerance, kindness, adaptability, balance
  • Purple: Visionary, free spirit, psychic, artist, frequently late, moody, sensitive, introverted, creative
  • Black: Introvert, leader, entrepreneur, serious, confident, strong, decisive, emotionally contained

However, no matter how much you like a color, you may not want to use it for a room. Colors that may not be socially acceptable in Western culture or may be overwhelming are frequently used as accent colors instead. For example, only one wall may be painted red in a dining room. Black furniture may highlight a living room.

Room color can affect mood. WebMD advises how to use color in various rooms to set the mood, decrease stress, or relax:

  • Home office: green--concentration
  • Dining room: red--increases appetite
  • Bedroom: green--encourages tranquility
  • Kitchen: yellow--increases metabolism
  • Living room: earth tones--stimulate conversation
  • Bathroom: blues, greens, turquoises--relaxation

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