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02 August, 2017

Sugar Hill—A Pet-Friendly Community

No matter what your age, one of the first things pet owners think about when traveling, moving, or enjoying themselves is their pets.

Will my pet be safe here?

Will my pet be happy here?

The relationship is reciprocal. Pets offer us many benefits, including:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Lower risk of depression

Dog owners also receive the added benefit of additional exercise.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Sugar Hill Retirement Community is pet-friendly, whether you live in the apartments or the cottages. Residents are accustomed to walking their dogs along the pathways from cottages to the Sugar House, as well as on the acres of woodland surrounding the former maple sugar farm.

Nearby Wolfeboro offers many options, too, including the dog park at The Nicolas J Pernokas Recreation Park and the Cotton Valley Rail-Trail.

A Pet-Friendly Home

But home is where the heart is, so here are some tips to make your residence more pet-friendly:

#1 Tile and Wood Flooring

Tile and wood floors make it easy to clean up mud, pet hair or any other messes your pet may make. Tile also provides a cool space for your pet during the summer. Owners of senior pets may want to throw down rubber runners to prevent skidding.

28 Donald Walter Drive (image below) has hardwood and tile floors, 12 Donald Walter Drive has hardwood laminate and tile floors, and 116 Sugar House has hardwood laminate floors.

Donald Walter Drive

#2 Durable Upholstery

Leather and faux leather are excellent choices. Choose fabrics that can’t be picked by sharp claws. And patterns can hide dirt until you have time to clean up. Slipcovers are an easy-to-wash alternative. Just think of relaxing on the couch at 241 Sugar House with your pet!

living space with couch

#3 Cleanliness and Accessibility in the Bedroom

Duvet covers or another cover that is easily washable are always a good idea in the bedroom. For smaller or senior pets, try a pet ramp, such as this one from Amazon. Curl up in comfort with your favorite furry companion as you enjoy the view outside 103 Sugar House.


#4 Clean-Up Station

If you have a dog, set up an area near an exterior door that contains leashes, waste bags, a towel, and wet wipes so everything you and your dog needs, whether going in or out, is in one place. For example, you could set up a station in either the basement or the garage of 2 Overlook Drive (below). 8 Vista Drive also has a basement entrance that would be perfect for a clean-up station. Even apartments have room: For example, you could put materials under the cabinet in the bathroom adjoining the entrance of 103 Sugar House, 211 Sugar House or 215 Sugar House. The front porches of the cottages would be excellent locations to place a tastefully decorated bin in the summer.

room under construction

#5 View

When you’re not home—and, sometimes, when you are—your pet loves to enjoy the view outside. And although your cat may think of catching the birds fluttering outside your window and your dog may think of doing the same with squirrels gamboling in the yard, you still want to provide them with opportunities to enjoy themselves. We all know what can happen when our pets become bored and dissatisfied. How much fun would they have looking out from the 3-season porch at 104 Sugar House or the garden-level walkout at 116 Sugar House?

#6 Cleaning Up

Pets occasionally need baths, and it’s so much easier to wet down your pet with a walk-in shower. Not only does a walk-in shower provide safety for you, the owner, it makes wrestling your pet into an area it can be washed so much simpler. Most of the homes at Sugar Hill, including the one below at 211 Sugar House, feature a walk-in shower.


Sugar Hill Is Pet-Friendly

Sugar Hill is friendly to pet owners and their pets, because the residents, as part of the Sugar Hill cooperative, make the rules. As the member of a cooperative, you receive all the benefits (including tax breaks) of owning a home without having to worry about maintenance.

Quite frankly, we can’t convey what makes Sugar Hill such a great place to live with descriptions of our houses and apartments. Only a visit will give you an accurate idea of why so many people have chosen to call Sugar Hill Retirement Community home. Schedule your tour now by phone at (603) 569-8485 or online.

What makes a co-op one of the most desirable places to retire?


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