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16 May, 2019

Sugar Hill Couple & Dog Are "Original Settlers" of Sugar Hill Retirement Community

Have You Met Mort & Nancy?

Nancy and Mort Couple Image-1Mort and Nancy Smith are two of the most familiar faces to be seen around Sugar Hill’s campus because they’ve been here since the beginning. The couple stood on a mound of dirt and decided the majestic view from where they gazed would be a great place to live. They moved into their newly furnished home soon after.

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The pair met in college while Mort was attending Dartmouth and Nancy attended Colby-Sawyer College, with only 30 miles between the campuses. The happy couple celebrated 68 years of marriage in October alongside their three children, seven grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Retail & Ticker Parades

For most of their married life, Mort and Nancy lived in New Jersey, with Mort working for an insurance company located across the street from City Hall in New York City. Mort has fond memories of the many ticker parades he bore witness to. Meanwhile, Nancy worked for Sears and Roebuck, a job she loved with a boss who always allowed her to take time off whenever she needed to because Nancy was such a reliable employee.

Nancy and Mort enjoy spending time in Melvin Village and relaxing in their vacation cottage on the lake, but when they’re at their home in Sugar Hill, they relish in the company they keep, the community as a whole, and the delectable food available to them. Mort and Nancy also love to spend time with their roommate, their 10-year-old Jack-Russell Terrier, Penny.

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Why Wolfeboro?

With the Smiths’ long tenure at Sugar Hill, they have endless advice for newer residents, but most importantly, they say, is to take advantage of the various trips and events made available to residents, along with taking the opportunity to explore gorgeous Wolfeboro.

Haven’t heard of Wolfeboro? Dubbed the “Crown Jewel of New England,” the oldest summer resort in America has created steady tourism in the area since the 1870s due to easy access of the waters of lakes Winnipesaukee and Wentworth. With ample opportunities to take in impressive views of the Belknap Mountains, along with plenty of shopping and dining destinations, Wolfeboro is the perfect place to retire.



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