It’s time to enjoy an active, burden-free retirement with independent living options at Sugar Hill in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

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18 July, 2017

Sugar Hill Cottages — a Perfect Fit for Retirement

A recent study shows that more than 60% of U.S. retirees have moved or plan to move after their retirement. The question for most is not so much whether to move as where to move.

Of course, factors such as proximity to family supercede anything else, but almost as important is your new home. Before selecting a new home, ask yourself what your priorities are.

Establish Your Priorities

Is the home in a good location? Is the location safe? Is transportation and shopping accessible? Do you like the area?

Is it financially profitable? Do you want a house, with all the financial benefits, or an apartment, with greater flexibility? Will it appreciate in value?

Is it suitable for your pet?

Do you want a home where family can stay whenever they visit or would you prefer they stay in a hotel or other accommodation?

Is having good neighbors important to you?

What’s the lifestyle? Urban, rural, sophisticated, eclectic?

What services are available for seniors?

What home features are must-haves? Do you require a professional kitchen? Is the view important to you? Do you prefer a tub or a walk-in shower? Do you prefer carpet, laminate or hardwood? Do you need a fenced-in backyard? Is a garden or bird-watching important to you? Is a basement a necessity?

Consider a Senior Living Community

More and more Americans are moving to senior living communities, because they offer the entire package. For example, Sugar Hill Retirement Community includes transportation for shopping and to local attractions, hair salon/barber shop, dinner 6 nights a week (an unusual amenity at most independent living communities), a multimedia room, billiards, a fitness center, a coffee shop, a personal emergency response system, and a bocce court and walking paths outside. You never have to worry about mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, because interior and exterior maintenance, grounds maintenance, and 24-hour security are all part of the package.

One rare advantage of Sugar Hill is that it is a cooperative. When you buy a home at Sugar Hill, you’re buying a share in the cooperative corporation. What do you get when you become part of Sugar Hill’s cooperative?

  • 92% of the value of your property returned upon resale
  • Property frequently appreciates in value
  • Sugar Hill markets your residence for resale at no cost to you
  • You make decisions about community priorities and expenses
  • The association will pay your bills, so you don’t have to
  • Tax benefits
  • Stable monthly payments
  • Limited liability

Are These Homes for You?

We have a small selection of homes available for purchase. Do any of these have the features you desire?

Donald Walter Drive Home28 Donald Walter Drive

This 2-bedroom, 3-bath home includes a garage and finished basement divided into 2 rooms. Other features include hardwood and tiled floors, upgraded appliances and bathrooms, 4-zone forced hot water, upgraded cabinets in the kitchen, side-by-side washer and dryer on the ground floor, ample closets, a built-in bookcase, a large pantry, and a large walk-in closet in the master bedroom.


Donald Walter Driver Interior12 Donald Walter Drive

The living room of this 2-bedroom, 2-bath home was recently enlarged with a picture window with a view of Sugar Hill. Laminate hardwood floors in the common areas and the addition of a large bay window in the master bedroom complete the renovations.

Other features include a garage, a basement, a den, laminate hardwood floors, an upgraded washer and dryer, 4-zone forced hot water, and Corian countertops.


Vista Drive Home Exterior8 Vista Drive

Each owner leaves their mark on their home, and the former owner of this 2-bedroom, 2-bath home finished the lower level with a gas fireplace and constructed a brand new kitchen. The living room expands into a 4-season porch for extra space. And the cozy den provides a comfortable setting to relax with a good book. Other features include a one-car attached garage.


Overlook Drive Interior2 Overlook Drive

Within easy walking distance of the Sugar House, where all the action occurs, this 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath home offers an expansive view of Wolfeboro Bay. It also includes a basement, den, garage, 4-season porch, and upgraded appliances.

Quite frankly, we can’t convey what makes Sugar Hill so special with pictures of our houses and apartments. Only a visit will give you an accurate idea of why so many people have chosen to call Sugar Hill Retirement Community home. Schedule your tour now by phone at (603) 569-8485 or online.

What makes a co-op one of the most desirable places to retire?


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