It’s time to enjoy an active, burden-free retirement with independent living options at Sugar Hill in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

10 February, 2016

Staying Intimate as You Age

The desire for intimacy is timeless. While intimacy changes throughout the years, the desire for deep relationships and expressing feelings through love remains.

Studies confirm that intimacy can remain strong throughout your entire life and is healthy for you both mentally and physically. But oftentimes, couples feel insecure or worry about love later in life and may even avoid it.

With a better understanding and an open mind, you can continue to enjoy a physically and emotionally fulfilling relationship.

Tips to Staying Intimate

Accept and celebrate who you are. How you feel about yourself may affect your relationship. For example, feeling insecure or embarrassed about changes to your physical appearance can lead to stress and tension within yourself, which often cascades into your relationship. Get rid of unrealistic ideals and celebrate who you are and the wisdom you have gained over the years.

Communicate with your partner. Set aside time to talk with your partner and just focus on one another. Share your thoughts about intimacy and encourage your partner to express his or her feelings. Be honest about what you're experiencing physically and emotionally.

Make intimacy a priority. Make your partner a high priority. Pay attention to his or her needs and wants. Take time to understand the changes you both are facing.

Find what works for you and your partner. Feel confident in who you are and what makes you and your partner feel emotionally connected and fulfilled. During retirement, you have the time to relax and enjoy one another. Do not try to live up to expectations; do what works for you as a couple.

Know when to seek help. There are many books available on intimacy. In addition, don’t be afraid to talk with your medical doctor if you suspect a physical or mental condition or a therapist to help provide emotional support and useful suggestions. It is always better to be proactive to ensure you continue living your best life.

Sugar Hill is a retirement community filled with active senior adults who are enjoying the next chapter in their lives. The community sits on a hilltop in Wolfeboro surrounded by acres of woodland, offering lake and mountain views.

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