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04 July, 2017

Retirement Living - What Do You Want in a Home?

Making the decision to move can grow weighty as you get older. Your current residence has all sorts of memories and, quite frankly, so much junk you shy away from sorting it.

Once you decide to move, the very next question you will probably ask yourself is: What do I want in a home?

We all have different tastes, but here are some factors most people consider when buying a home.

What Features Do You Want in a Home?


This comprises more than just what area of the country you want to live, it includes whether you prefer a rural or urban setting and even whether you prefer your residence to face south or east.

New Hampshire is rated #1 in the nation for quality of life. Sugar Hill Retirement Community is located a short distance from the middle of Wolfeboro amid a rural landscape that includes views of Wolfeboro Bay, Moody Mountain, and tree-lined glades. For example, Apartment 116 has great southern exposure, not to mention a garden-area walkout.

116 Sugar House


For some people, the view doesn’t matter. However, research indicates that many of the health benefits of exposure to nature may be derived from simply viewing it.

“Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. It may even reduce mortality,” according to public health researchers Stamatakis and Mitchell.

Many of the cottages and apartments at Sugar Hill have 3-season and 4-season porches to take advantage of the view. Many also offer balconies or picture windows. For example, the apartment at 104 Sugar House has a screened-in 3-season porch with a wonderful view of Wolfeboro Bay and Moody mountain. 215 Sugar House and 116 Sugar House have 4-season porches that have been incorporated into their living rooms. And the view from the living room of 2 Overlook Drive is expansive.

2 Overlook Drive

Floor Plan

The layout of your residence is critical to your lifestyle and comfort level. The floor plan determines whether your furniture will fit, your entertaining style, and even what areas need to be cleaned most often.

For example, the open floor plan layout of the ground floor and basement at 8 Vista Drive not only offers additional space, it feels light and airy.

8 Vista Drive


For some people, the appearance of their kitchens are a priority even if they rarely cook. They like to have the newest appliances and kitchen gadgets, and Corian countertops. And minor kitchen remodels, such as replacing fixtures, appliances and countertops, return 92.9% at resale.

The open-floor-plan apartment at 241 Sugar House not only has Corian countertops and upgraded fixtures, the appliances have been upgraded, too. 116 Sugar House also has Corian countertops.


We all love our creature comforts, and nowhere is that more important than in the bathroom. As we get older, it’s important to ensure the bathroom is modified for safety, as well as comfort.

For example, 103 Sugar House and 211 Sugar House have walk-in showers for ease of use. The apartment is also close to two of the most popular places in the community—the Coffee Shop and the Dining Room. Upgraded appliances and a 3-season porch make the 1-bedroom even more attractive.

211 Sugar House – Apartment


Hardwood? Carpet? Tile? Laminate? Flooring choices are numerous, and although flooring isn’t usually a deal-breaker, many people prefer one type over another.

12 Donald Walter Drive was recently renovated with new hardwood laminate floors, which, combined with the new bay window, make the ideal setting to curl up with a good book. 28 Donald Walter Drive has hardwood and tile floors, as well as a built-in bookcase and a walk-in closet.

12 Donald Walter Drive

Energy Savings

The ways homes can save energy include using natural instead of artificial light when possible, zoned cooling, and heating.

All Sugar Hill homes have large windows for the view with an added benefit of conservation of energy by using natural light. Many apartments and homes utilize air conditioning units for zoned cooling. And 28 Donald Walter Drive and 12 Donald Walter Drive both have 4-zone forced hot water, which saves energy by heating up water as you need it. All Sugar Hill homes are well-insulated, too.


There are always those features that are an added bonus in a home you already like. At Sugar Hill, they include interior and exterior maintenance and year-round social and cultural activities. Better yet, because Sugar Hill is a cooperative senior retirement community, when you purchase a residence, you purchase a stake in the community and play a part in making all community decisions.

Not only do you have the reassurance that 92% of the value of your residence is returned to you upon resale, Sugar Hill will help sell your home!

Call us at (603) 569-8485 for more information or schedule a tour online.

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