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03 August, 2016

Personal Trainer Dawn Gives Tips for Active Aging

Dawn Heinrich, our fitness instructor at Sugar Hill Retirement Community, is dedicated to helping people --like you-- achieve their fitness goals. Along with leading classes at Sugar Hill, she is a physical therapist assistant at Huggins Hospital and a personal trainer.

Check out Dawn’s 6 quick tips for fitness at any age!

6 Tips for Fitness at Any Age

1. Stay active. Keep doing things you enjoy. Don't let age be an excuse to be sedentary. The benefits of staying active are just too good to pass up.

2. Stay strong. A study in England showed increased leg power was associated with slower cognitive aging in women. Even considering the common genetic structures in twins, the muscle strength appears to have a direct correlation to brain health.

3. Train for your brain. We all fear cognitive decline. We all know that sudokus and crosswords will do the trick, but these are not the only solution. Studies show that physical activity, including resistance training and walking, can increase cognitive functioning in adults, including those diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. These results were based on four new randomized trials and were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) 2012. (Medscape)

4. Don’t be afraid to join an exercise class or start a walking group. Many people find it motivating to exercise with others and a lot more fun in a social setting. Also, having your friends count on you to be there makes you accountable to sticking with your exercise schedule.

5. Consider a physical therapist. If you are concerned about falling, ask your doctor about a referral for physical therapy. Therapists can set you up with an exercise program that will help you stay flexible and maintain your balance. If you get help from a professional, then you’ll know that you’re doing it right.

6. Seek out information. Do some online research, consult your doctor and talk to the trainers and specialists at your retirement community. They are there to help you get started! Agencies that have helpful information for active aging include:

Maintain an active life, physically and socially, without ever leaving the campus at Sugar Hill Retirement Community. The main building is the recreational and social heart of the community. Take an exercise class in the fitness center, watch a movie in the multimedia center, or simply enjoy a beverage in the coffee shop.

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