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8 October, 2015

5 Reasons to Retire Up North

Choosing your retirement location is one of the most impactful decisions of your life. The United States is a vast land with relocation possibilities that seem endless. Yes, Florida and Arizona are the stereotypical retirement locations, but there are plenty of good reasons to retire elsewhere. Sugar Hill Retirement Community wants to remind you of five things you may miss if you don’t retire in the north.

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18 September, 2015

Here’s How Seniors Can Find Benefits in Technology

The number of older adults using technology is growing and for good reason. Today’s technology is more user-friendly than ever and there are plenty of applications for people of varied interests. Many technological devices offer users the opportunity to enjoy many of the activities in which they have always engaged, all from the same device.

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10 September, 2015

Super Fruits for Senior Health

Dieting is never easy, but as an older adult it is even more important. Eating a healthy diet is essential for maintaining a body weight that allows our joints and organs to function as they should. Foods that are high in calories and low on nutrition will ultimately place too much unnecessary stress on an aging body.

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13 August, 2015

6 Games to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Our aging brains need as much exercise as the rest of our bodies. Engaging your brain through regular activity is necessary to keep your mind at its best. Try these 6 games to yourself sharp.

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5 August, 2015

3 Exercises to Build a Healthier You

As the authors of a retirement community blog, we simply can’t talk about exercise enough. The aging process increases the need for physical activity as our health needs continue to grow. At Sugar Hill, we strive to offer our residents every opportunity to maintain and/or improve their healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

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16 July, 2015

Activities in Wolfeboro

Sugar Hill Retirement Community understands that relocating for your retirement is a big deal. It’s just as much about the surrounding area as it is the senior living community. Older adults have worked hard to put themselves in a position to enjoy their retirement. Choosing a retirement spot where you can continue to grow in your vibrant lifestyle is the next step.

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7 July, 2015

What You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer

Over the years, there has been plenty of research proving that social interaction benefits the health of human beings. Seeking opportunities to socialize becomes very important because socialization naturally declines during aging. So it is more important than ever that we get out and pursue opportunities to mingle in order to improve and maintain your overall health and avoid the possibility of mental health concerns.

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17 June, 2015

Be Aware of These Senior Scams

The crime of the 21st century is said to be financial scams aimed at taking advantage of older adults. The thought process behind this phenomenon assumes that mature Americans have plenty of money, and that there’s a good chance a scam artist targeting a senior that will never be reported. Unfortunately, even if it is reported, it can be difficult to locate a perpetrator and bring him/her to justice.

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27 May, 2015

Senior Safety in the Water this Summer

If you’re the aquatic-type, this is your time of year. The temperatures are climbing with the humidity and one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is by slipping into a body of water to cool off, exercise or play with your grandchildren.

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14 May, 2015

Make Downsizing a Pleasure, Not a Pain!

Transitioning to a senior living community can be stressful if you allow it to be. It’s certainly a process, but that doesn’t mean it must be painful. To start, help yourself by selecting the proper time to start your adventure at your new home in a fresh, vibrant community.

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