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7 July, 2015

What You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer

Over the years, there has been plenty of research proving that social interaction benefits the health of human beings. Seeking opportunities to socialize becomes very important because socialization naturally declines during aging. So it is more important than ever that we get out and pursue opportunities to mingle in order to improve and maintain your overall health and avoid the possibility of mental health concerns.

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17 June, 2015

Be Aware of These Senior Scams

The crime of the 21st century is said to be financial scams aimed at taking advantage of older adults. The thought process behind this phenomenon assumes that mature Americans have plenty of money, and that there’s a good chance a scam artist targeting a senior that will never be reported. Unfortunately, even if it is reported, it can be difficult to locate a perpetrator and bring him/her to justice.

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27 May, 2015

Senior Safety in the Water this Summer

If you’re the aquatic-type, this is your time of year. The temperatures are climbing with the humidity and one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is by slipping into a body of water to cool off, exercise or play with your grandchildren.

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14 May, 2015

Make Downsizing a Pleasure, Not a Pain!

Transitioning to a senior living community can be stressful if you allow it to be. It’s certainly a process, but that doesn’t mean it must be painful. To start, help yourself by selecting the proper time to start your adventure at your new home in a fresh, vibrant community.

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23 April, 2015

Are You Doing Your Part for Brain Health?

What have you been doing lately to continue developing cognitively? Is that just a concern for parents of young children? Science has recently discovered that good brain health is dependent upon cognitive development throughout our lifetime. In fact, it may be most important in older adults as that is the time our brains are most susceptible to unhealthy influences.

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18 March, 2015

9 Apps Seniors Love!

Seniors in this era are more technologically savvy than ever. Smartphones, computers and tablets--retirees own them all. Purchasing these items is often purpose-driven, but don’t sell your device short. There are many creative applications for your device that allow you to utilize it in ways that never crossed your mind.

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25 February, 2015

5 Ways to Enjoy a Senior-Driven Community

If you’re kicking around the notion of making a move to a senior living community, think about what’s important to you. Then ask yourself if those same things are important to your prospective retirement community. This week we are talking about resident driven communities. You value your happiness and your new senior living community should too.

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28 January, 2015

Even Health-Conscious People Don’t…

Are you getting enough sleep? Most people (even those who make an effort to eat well and exercise) may have difficulty answering this question. They may stop and think how much sleep is enough? Americans simply aren’t aware of how much sleep healthy individuals require.

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7 January, 2015

How to Eat Healthy as an Aging Adult

I’ll spare you mediocre lines about Ponce de Leon or a Rod Stewart “Forever Young” reference. Eating right can’t keep us young forever, but the right vitamins and nutrients can mitigate common health problems in seniors. Dieting properly can reduce your risk for diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.

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19 December, 2014

Advice for Conquering This Winter’s Weather

New England is certainly no stranger to blizzards, ice storms, or just your every day snow and sleet. As scenic as those gifts from nature may seem to others, to a lot of folks it brings real problems—and dealing with those problems does not get any easier as we age.

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