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03 January, 2018

How to Make Moving Stress-Free for Your Pet

Pets have become a very important staple in our lives. We’ve seen the studies, pets not only improve our physical health but our emotional health as well.
Naturally, when we decide to downsize and move elsewhere, our pets will be coming along on this new adventure! Of course, this raises many questions on how to move with our pet as smoothly as possible.
Looking for a Pet-Friendly Community?

Let’s Pack!

You’ve selected your new pet-friendly apartment or home, now it’s time to pack! Pets, especially cats, are not fond of change. They will know something big is about to happen when they see you moving around and putting your belongings in boxes.

To relieve any anxiety, here are some tips on packing up your home with your pet:

1. Bring your moving boxes into your home early in the moving process. This will help them adjust to the boxes being around the house.

2. Keep your pet in a familiar room that you plan to pack last so they can have a sense of security.

3. When moving day arrives, try to keep your routine as normal as possible.

4. Keep your pet in a quiet room or at a friend’s home while moving your belongings into a truck. This keeps your pet from making a run for it while you and other movers are going in and out of the house.

Pet Safety During a Move

Pet safety is a concern during a move and adjusting to your new home. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your pets safe:

1.For safety reasons, your pet should always travel in a crate. Acclimate your pet to their crate before your travel. To do this, you can carry the pet around the house in their crate or by placing their food in their crate and shutting the door. Also, provide positive reinforcement by giving them treats and pets for staying in their crate.

2.Be sure your pet has proper ID tags/microchipped in case they are lost during the move.

3.Keep a photograph of your pet with you at all times. If your pet gets lost during the move, or in your new neighborhood, you will easily be able to show others what your pet looks like.

4.Bring water from your home to take with you during the move and into your new home. This will give your pet comfort and will help them adjust to the new water in your new home.

5.Don’t forget your pet’s vaccination records! You will want to grab these from your veterinarian before moving to provide to your new veterinarian at your new home. If you are using a professional pet moving service, they will require these records as well.

Pet Moving Services

Unable to move your pets safely on your own? No problem!

There are plenty of pet moving services to choose from. You will have to decide whether you want to transport your pet via ground or air. Some pet moving services even work with your pet’s veterinarian on the best mode of transportation for your pet and how to safely move them. Here are three pet moving services:

Delta Cargo. We have all heard of Delta Airlines but did you know they transported pets as well? Delta Cargo offers specialty trained ground handlers to care for your pet through their journey. They also offer real-time tracking so you’ll know exactly where your pet is located at any given moment.

We Move Pets! We Move Pets! is a family-owned, USDA-licensed ground transporter for your pets. Each pet is guaranteed individual TLC from trained handlers, and you will receive a daily progress report as your pet is moving through their journey. They are transported in comfortable, large crates and in a temperature-controlled environment.

Happy Tails Travel, Inc. Happy Tails Travel helps you plan your pet’s move. They arrange pet transportation and provide pet safety door-to-door and airport-to-airport. To be sure your pet is transported smoothly, Happy Tails Travel stays on top of all travel requirements so no surprises happen along the way!

It’s an Adjustment

Patience is key when helping your pet adjust to their new surroundings. While you may want to let your pet free to explore, it’s best to let them adjust one room at a time.
Start by putting their crate, toys, food & water bowl, and cat litter box in the room they will spend most of their time in and shut the door. Once they have adjusted to this room, you may open doors to the rest of the house, one door at a time.
With time and patience, your dog or cat will be exploring your new home with confidence and enjoying your new surroundings by your side.

Yes! We Are Pet-Friendly!

We know how important your pets are to you! That’s why Sugar Hill Retirement Community is pet-friendly! Many of our residents enjoy taking their dogs on a walk around our homes and cottages as well as the surrounding trails to explore.

Making an informed senior living decision.

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