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10 May, 2017

Make Downsizing a Pleasure not a Pain

Transitioning to a senior living community can be stressful if you allow it to be. It’s certainly a process, but that doesn’t mean it must be painful. To start, help yourself by selecting the proper time to start your adventure at your new home in a fresh, vibrant community.


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When is the “proper time” to make the transition, though? The most important aspect is moving while you are in good health. Being mobile and energized are crucial for making downsizing an enjoyable experience.

When done correctly, downsizing from your family’s home to a retirement community can be a great opportunity to get your family together to reminisce and enjoy one another’s company.

Teamwork Is Vital in Downsizing

Getting your family involved is a great time-saver. You can never have too much help while moving. And there will be plenty of decisions to be made involving your children.

Downsizing will include some decisions about your possessions. It’s best to categorize them by their next destination. What will you keep, donate and pass on to your family?

This is where your children can help. You may find that your kids have different ideas about what they would like to hang on to or donate. We would hate for you to give away an item with sentimental value for your son or daughter.

Space-Saving Tip for Your Media

Chances are that technology has made some advancements since you’ve started accumulating possessions. This allows us to condense some of the multimedia we’ve been collecting for… let’s just say the past few years. Photographs and home videos can easily be stored on DVDs or memory devices to preserve some of your favorite moments.

What and How Should You Discard Items?

Now that you’ve decided what will be donated to a worthy cause, put some effort into where your goods will serve the greatest purpose. It’s easy to back the truck up to any old charity, but you worked too hard for your possessions to distribute them haphazardly.

Special interests and hobbies often come with rather unique equipment. Give it a new home somewhere it may be appreciated and benefit the greater good of the community.

And don’t forget about the kids! Antiques can be used to teach children at museums or public schools.

If you’ve decided to sell some items, market it properly. Garage sales seem to be accompanied by some negative vibes. People assume it is a venue where junk is weeded through before being tossed out.

Your stuff isn’t junk, right? Call it a moving sale. Chances are you may do a bit better.

Planning the Downsizing Process

The only way to streamline your downsizing process is through adequate planning. Get your family together and select a good date for everyone to convene. Make downsizing with your family yet another pleasant memory.

Benefits of a Cooperative Community

Looking for a place to move? A place with all of the benefits of owning your own home without the burden of upkeep? A place where you can socialize with like-minded people?

Sugar Hill Retirement Community has a cooperative financial structure. You get all the benefits of owning a home without having to deal with maintenance. Our all-inclusive fees cover interior and exterior maintenance and year-’round social and cultural activities, as well as daily transportation to the resort town of Wolfeboro. At Sugar Hill, we have houses and apartments—something for everyone!

Learn more about what we have to offer by calling (603) 569-8485, emailing or contacting us online.

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