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09 August, 2017

Live Among Nature at Sugar Hill

Far too often, when we make the decision to move to a new home, we discount the effects of nature. The number of bathrooms or the type of kitchen appliances or flooring always seem to be more important factors when selecting a residence.

Environment, though, affects your mental and physical health, as we noted in 7 Ways Your Environment Affects You. Factors as unrelated as the color on your walls or furnishing fabrics can raise or lower your stress levels and affect sleep, as well as your immune system.

Don’t Discount the Benefits of Nature

Scientific studies have shown that being in nature

  • improves memory
  • restores mental energy
  • boosts mood
  • lowers stress
  • reduces inflammation
  • may benefit hypertension
  • improves concentration
  • leads to sharper thinking
  • may foster creativity
  • may stimulate the production of anti-cancer proteins
  • enhances the immune system
  • prevents or ameliorates mental illnesses
  • improves self-esteem
  • may lower mortality

Participants in several of these studies showed benefits merely from viewing images of nature. Other studies indicate that hearing bird song lessens stress and attention fatigue. Scientists in Tokyo have evidence that smelling nature, especially the scent of evergreens, lowers blood pressure and increases the number of anti-cancer molecules in the blood stream.

Nature Outside Your Door

Sugar Hill Retirement Community’s natural setting atop a hill and surrounded by forest is planned to expose residents to the wonders of nature during all four seasons. Cottages and apartments offer large windows, glass doors, and 3-season or 4-season porches to bring the outdoors inside.

For example, 103 Sugar House not only features expansive windows in the bedroom, it has a 3-season porch (below) that looks out upon the trees and paths surrounding the community. 104 Sugar House,  211 Sugar House, and 241 Sugar House also have 3-season porches.

seasonal porch

12 Donald Walter Drive (below) includes a beautiful bay window in the master bedroom and a picture window in the living area. 8 Vista Drive also has a bay window in the main living area.
bedroom with bed

116 Sugar House has doors that lead to the community garden off the 4-season porch. Other residences with 4-season porches include 211 Sugar House (shown below), and 215 Sugar House.

All of the cottages have covered porches, too, where residents can look out upon the busy life at Sugar Hill.

dining room

8 Vista Drive and 28 Donald Walter Drive (pictured below) have full basements with access to the outside via French doors.

main living space

Close to Nature and Amenities

Lake and mountain views, nature and walking paths, activities galore, plus the nearby resort community of Wolfeboro make for a balanced life that enhances mental and physical health. Experience Sugar Hill Retirement Community by calling (603) 569-8485 or scheduling a tour online.

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