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22 June, 2017

You Know You're From Wolfeboro When...

Most of us can’t think of a better place to live than Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Living in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in America’s oldest summer resort is downright idyllic.


Why Sugar Hill Retirement Community? Here’s why!

With that in mind, let us introduce you to some of the more adorable quirks of our little town…

You Know You’re from Wolfeboro When

...your fire-rescue department rescues ducks from a storm sewer.


Wolfeboro Fire-Rescue Department can tell what state the tourists are from by the way they drive. know every back road to avoid Main Street in the summer.

...if Jimmy Fallon or Mitt Romney pop into town, you’re more interested in avoiding the crowds than meeting them. remember the Allen “A”. remember the Yum Yum Shop’s gingerbread men.’ve almost been run down by bike-riding tourists. took a ride on the Mt. Washington.’re accustomed to sitting in downtown traffic for 20 minutes during the summer. wait in lines that stretch across the street just to get an ice cream from Bailey’s Bubble. know you can’t take a left from the public safety building. were born in Huggins Hospital.’ve participated in or watched the Wolfeboro Offshore Ad-Lib Precision Lawn Chair Drill Team in the 4th of July parade’ve spent time in the winter in Fisherville give directions by using Pickering Corner, Old Park or Keonkia Hill


PICKERING CORNER Pickering Corner - Photo Credit: William Riley

Special thanks to Mia Lyons and William Riley from the Wolfeboro Police Department, the Wolfeboro Fire-Rescue Department, and the Wolfeboro Area Chamber of Commerce for their help.

Want to learn more about Wolfeboro? Check out our eBook, Why Wolfeboro? If you want to learn more about Sugar Hill, give us a call at (603) 569-8485.

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