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28 January, 2015

Even Health-Conscious People Don’t…

Are you getting enough sleep? Most people (even those who make an effort to eat well and exercise) may have difficulty answering this question. They may stop and think how much sleep is enough? Americans simply aren’t aware of how much sleep healthy individuals require.

If you ask around you’re likely to discover that many people claim they simply don’t need the 8 hours of recommended sleep that has been set as the standard. Many will say they’re highly functioning on their own magic number. Psychologists have determined that may be true for .001% of the population. The rest are… well, wrong.

Sleep is more important than you think!

Chances are you’re in the majority whom are not getting the sleep they need to be at their best potential. Probability also suggests that you’re also not in the 1% who can offer peak performance while sleep deprived. In other words, you probably need to heed this advice.

We’ve all heard that hard charging go-getter say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” He may have a chance to do so before the rest of us. Depriving yourself of sleep is more of a nuisance than some yawning or the additional cup of coffee at 3:00pm. Failing to get enough sleep may decrease your lifespan.

3 Ways to Get More Sleep

1. Turn your TV off

This also includes your tablet, smart phone or whatever electronic device you prefer before bedtime; none of these electronics allow you to fall asleep in the time frame you intended. Technology has come a long way and become so effective and stimulating that it has that power even after you’ve powered down. Shut these devices down at least an hour before your target sleep time.

2. Don’t wait to get in bed

Taking some time to unwind before you’re physically exhausted allows you to relax and fall asleep at a good time. Waiting until your eyelids feel like barbells and you can’t keep from yawning is too late. Set a time to climb into bed every night and follow through with it.

3. Set your climate

You know what it is you need to achieve to get good sleep. Go out there and get it done. The right pillows, bedspread, or curtains could make a huge difference. Set your thermostat to create the optimal sleep environment and let nature take over.

Like food, rest is a fuel for your body. Make sure you start every day with a full tank!

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