It’s time to enjoy an active, burden-free retirement with independent living options at Sugar Hill in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

16 July, 2015

Activities in Wolfeboro

Sugar Hill Retirement Community understands that relocating for your retirement is a big deal. It’s just as much about the surrounding area as it is the senior living community. Older adults have worked hard to put themselves in a position to enjoy their retirement. Choosing a retirement spot where you can continue to grow in your vibrant lifestyle is the next step.

Sugar Hill is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Living in our beloved state has many benefits that have allowed it to become one of the only states in New England with a recent spike in population. It’s no surprise that people are relocating to New Hampshire to reap its many rewards.

School and Vacations

We have great school systems that produce wonderful kids that boast the highest SAT score in the country. The crime rate is as low as you’ll find and state taxes are also among the lowest. We like to think that qualities like that make Wolfeboro an unbeatable retirement location.

The charm of our city has lured visitors for decades. Wolfeboro is known for being one of the oldest vacation destinations in America, since the development of the railroad system in the 1870s. Lake Winnipesaukee and year-round culture have kept tourists and retirees coming ever since.

Lake Winnpesaukee

“Lake Winni,” as it is known to the locals, is one of the hottest spots for active people. The Lakes Region offers a list of activities that would fill this entire article. Aside from the obvious like fishing (which is absolutely great in Winni), there are some fun pastimes that may surprise you, including:

  • Sled Dog Racing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Diving
  • Aviation
  • Bicycling
  • NASCAR Racing
  • Motorcycling

Community Events in Wolfeboro

The region also hosts numerous events throughout the year for the entire community to enjoy. You can find all sorts of fun on, an online event calendar designed for residents and tourists. It’s not BINGO and garage sales.

Wolfeboro hosts many events all summer long that bring real excitement to the area. There are book signings, farmers’ markets, movies in the park and so much more. Check out the calendar for several interesting events each day.

Don’t forget, Sugar Hill Retirement Community hosts its own events for our retirees. Our residents live vibrant lives in their quest for growth in retirement. The best way to learn about Sugar Hill and Wolfeboro is to schedule a visit with us. You can do so by contacting us at (603) 569-8485. We’re excited to hear from you!


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