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18 March, 2015

9 Apps Seniors Love!

Seniors in this era are more technologically savvy than ever. Smartphones, computers and tablets--retirees own them all. Purchasing these items is often purpose-driven, but don’t sell your device short. There are many creative applications for your device that allow you to utilize it in ways that never crossed your mind.

A great app isn’t always about having unique features. Sometimes it’s just simplifying or specializing a capability that already exists online or elsewhere on your device. See how these 9 apps work to improve your life.

Making Life Easier with Tech

1. Crosswords Classics

New crossword puzzles every day, right at your fingertips. Newspapers contribute their crosswords to Crossword Classics daily and users get a chance to solve head-scratchers from all over. If you like a great crossword puzzle, don’t limit yourself to the ones available to you in print.

2. Netflix

Do you ever crave a little piece of cinematic nostalgia? Maybe an Andy Griffith rerun or a classic John Wayne Western? Netflix has 100s of titles available to stream directly to your device. With Netflix there is always something good on TV.

3. NPR News

National Public Radio has multiple apps available, but NPR News is the best for those wanting to stay on top of events both domestically and internationally. NPR News posts updates hourly and gives users access to live stations all over, plus podcasts on demand.

4. Google Earth

This is one is one of the most awe-inspiring apps we’ve seen yet. Google Earth allows us to look at satellite images of virtually anywhere. You can check out hotel locations before you book your next vacation. Maybe do some reconnaissance on an unfamiliar golf course before you decide to book a tee time. Whatever the reason, you’ll be impressed.

5. Pillboxie

If you’re on 2 or more medications, it can be difficult to remember when you’re supposed to take each one. Pillboxie is a simple and aesthetically pleasing app that sends you a reminder when you’re due. Even if you’re unable to receive a network connection, Pillboxie has your back.

6. Cognifit

This is a popular brain training app. It’s designed to challenge your mind and improve cognitive skills. Everyone’s brain can use a little fitness.

7. Spotify

It’s like Netflix, for your ears. Spotify has music from thousands of artists and pre programmed radio stations that date back to the 1950s. Playing songs on demand and making your own playlist are just part of the advantage of Spotify.

8. iCookbook

The electronic cookbook to end all cookbooks, iCookbook contains thousands of recipes that have been tested. The staff consists of nutritionists and other professionals of the industry. If you’re struggling to come up with healthy, diverse menu items, give this award-winning app a shot.

9. Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app is crucial for mobile device users. You can set your location using GPS, by city or zip code. Weather Channel gives users access to videos and radars without any of the malware that can come with some alternatives.

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