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25 February, 2016

8 Tips on Becoming a Volunteer

Even if you’ve never volunteered before, it’s never too late to become a volunteer. There are many benefits and worthwhile reasons to volunteer.

Perhaps the biggest benefit most get from volunteering is the pride and satisfaction of adding service into their lives and making a difference in someone else’s life. Along with the intangible benefits, those who volunteer are typically sharing their talents to help solve problems, strengthen communities, connect to others and improve someone else’s lifestyle.

Ready to get started? Check out these 8 Tips on Becoming a Volunteer from the Corporation for National and Community Service.

8 Tips on Becoming A Volunteer

1. Research causes or issues that are important to you. Look for a group that deals with issues about which you feel strongly.

2. Consider what you have to offer. If you enjoy outdoor work or have a knack for teaching, you may want to look for a volunteer opportunity in which your special skills can be utilized.

3. Think outside the box! Many community groups that are looking for volunteers, like youth organizations and intergenerational programs, may not have occurred to you but could just be the perfect fit.

4. There’s no need to wait to be asked. There are many ways to find organizations that are looking for volunteers. Ask your friends or colleagues about their own volunteering activities. Go online to

5. When you find an organization, be ready to describe your interests, qualifications and background and don’t be afraid to ask the organizer questions. You and the organizer should want to find the right match for your skills and interests.

6. Would you like to learn something new? Consider whether the organization offers training for their volunteers.

7. Find the volunteer activity that fits your schedule. Organizations need different levels of commitment for different types of volunteer activities.

8. Volunteer with friends or as a family. Think about looking for a volunteer opportunity that would be suitable for husband and wife or a group of friends to take on as a team.

Also look into volunteer opportunities within your retirement community. Whether greeting guests or helping out at a gift shop, volunteering at any age provides purpose and meaning to life as you help improve the life of others.

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