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20 November, 2014

7 Signs Mom & Dad Need Extra Help

As children, we have a responsibility and desire to look after our parents once they are unable to be self-sufficient. Typically that begins with some occasional help around the house. At first it feels good to do something for them after all of the support and time that they have given you throughout your lifetime. From there it turns to more regular trips, having to manage your own affairs with that of your parents.

The next step may be getting some outside assistance from home healthcare associates. Adult day care can be a viable option for some folks, although it may feel like a betrayal or that you’re neglecting your responsibility by placing them in a long-term facility, there comes a time when that is the best choice for everyone. When is it time to commit to the idea of assisted living?

Don’t Miss These Signs

Too Much Stress for Caregivers

It’s difficult to live a healthy lifestyle when your brain is always on alert. How can you preserve the health of a loved one if your own is in peril? If the stress from providing care is having an adverse affect on your own life it’s time to have a serious discussion.


Verbal and/or physical aggression against caregivers can occur when an individual is battling with dementia. Family members may even start to resent a senior loved one as a result.

Finding Unpaid Bills

Seniors tend to neglect financial responsibilities like paying invoices when struggling with memory loss. Receiving final notices or paying bills twice is a sign that it’s time to make a change.

Lack of Motivation

It’s not unusual for seniors to become disinterested in activities they once enjoyed. Choosing not to socialize or pursue their hobbies may be brought on by depression.

Lack of Weight Management

Poor dieting due to the inability to prepare healthy meals can lead to obesity or malnourishment. Memory loss may be a culprit as seniors forget to eat, or that they’ve already eaten.

Bad Hygiene

Body odor, wearing soiled clothing, and other signs of poor hygiene are present in elderly people that struggle as they lose motor skills which make it possible to keep up with personal cleanliness.


The deterioration of motor skills may also lead to injuries from falls. Most homes are not equipped with hardware to help prevent those misfortunes.

Make sure to visit the facility you’re considering and take a tour. Don’t assume all of the facilities are the same or that your loved one will be as well off in any of them. Talk to the healthcare professionals and ask questions. Ask some of the visiting families what they think of the staff and amenities. It is easy to beat yourself up when making a decision like this, but don’t. You have done everything you can do.

If you have noticed one or more of these signs in a senior loved one schedule a tour with us today.

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