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10 July, 2019

7 Road Trip Tips For Seniors To Get You Through Your Drive

It’s the dog days of summer and you might be itching for some adventure or a change of scenery. Maybe you know exactly where you want to go, or perhaps you’re still looking for the perfect destination. Either way, we have you covered with the best tips to maximize your summer road trip.

Tip #1: Get a Road Trip Planning App

Maps are becoming a thing of the past. You probably have a smartphone, so why not make the most of it by downloading a navigation app to help you navigate detours? You can also locate the most affordable gas prices on your route from the comfort of your own phone, or search for last-minute hotel deals when you’ve become too tired to drive any longer. 

Tip #2: Outline Your Road Trip Plan

Speaking of apps, there’s a perfect one to help cultivate your journey: Roadtrippers. Roadtrippers shows you unique places to stop along your route while also streamlining planning, booking, and navigation into one simple, free app. 

If you’re not into planning your trip through an app, it’s a good idea to at least do some research on any detours you might come across. You can do online research, or you can always utilise your local library to find books on the areas you’d like to visit. 

Tip #3: Limit Your Daily Mileage Intake

Experts recommend stopping at least every two hours during your road trip. Finding a nearby state park to hike or a local museum to explore not only keeps you healthy, but will also allow you to take in the beloved local attractions along the way to your destination and help to prevent driver fatigue.

While you might be anxious to get to your destination, don’t forget to stop and take in the attractions along the way. After all, what they say is true: the journey is just as important as the destination. 

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Tip #4: Don’t Neglect Your Health

Being on vacation doesn’t mean you should also take a vacation on your wellbeing. Packing healthy snacks loaded with nutrients, such as cheese sticks and pretzels or peanut butter and celery, will not only keep you healthy, but will also help keep you full.

Diets aren’t the only thing you should be mindful of, though. Protecting your skin and eyes are essential when you’re in the car for hours. Along with using sunglasses to protect your eyes, you should also wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, focusing in on your neck head and arms. Car windows don’t protect you completely from sun exposure, and a recent study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that over 50% of skin cancers in the United States are found on the left side of the body, the side that’s most exposed when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat. 

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself. While caffeine can do a great job at keeping you awake, drinking water is essential to keeping you alert on the road. In fact, drivers with mild dehydration made as many errors behind the wheel as someone driving with a blood alcohol level above .08 percent, or more than the legal limit. A general rule of thumb is to drink roughly half your body weight in ounces daily to stay properly hydrated. 

Tip #5: Prevent Over (and Under!) Packing

Anyone who’s been on a trip before knows the risks of over- and underpacking. To avoid overpacking, try to limit yourself to one bag per traveler and check to make sure laundry services are offered at your hotel or your final destination.

If you’re prone to underpacking, this handy travel checklist will keep you on track. Don’t forget to pack essentials like prescription medicine, but keep in mind you’ll more than likely find a pharmacy or grocery store if you forget over the counter medication or toiletries.

Tip #6: Your Car’s Wellbeing Is Important

Before embarking on your adventure, make sure your car is in tip-top shape. Check the oil, your windshield wiper fluid levels and make sure your wipers don’t need to be replaced. Inspect your tires, making sure they’re at the correct pressure levels, and don’t forget to inspect the spare tire, if your car comes equipped with one.

In case of emergency, pack an emergency roadside bag equipped with tire patches, a tire pressure gauge, jumper cables and a flashlight with batteries. You’ll also want to pack a first aid kit along with your phone charger.

Tip #7: Have Your Road Trip Essentials Ready

Stave off boredom by creating a playlist of your favorite songs on your phone by using apps like Apple Music, Spotify, or Google Play. If you enjoy audiobooks, apps like Audible provide thousands of your favorite titles, or you can rent audiobooks from libraries all over the country with a valid library card.

If you’re a passenger, pack crossword puzzles, magazines, and your favorite pillow, so long as your driver feels comfortable to drive solo while you sleep. 

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