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29 June, 2017

6 Summer Must-Stop Shops in Wolfeboro, NH

Aah…summer in Wolfeboro, NH. When the population swells from 6,000 to 30,000. When none of us mind the crush of vehicles on Main Street because we are really in no hurry.

Even though we love the beaches and the trolley and the Belle when we visit the “Oldest Summer Resort in America,” it’s always nice to relax and take in a little shopping in shaded environs… Especially if you manage to get a sunburn on your first day of vacation.


Don’t forget these Wolfeboro, NH gift shops!

Here are a few of the Wolfeboro shops recommend stopping by this summer:

ice cream from Baileys Bubble

Bailey’s Bubble

5 Railroad Ave.

You always know a shop is good when you find locals hanging out.  There’s hard and soft-serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, flurries, sundaes, and even fudge. But, if you order a large cone, be prepared to forgo your dinner, because the serving sizes are ginormous! And, even though the crowd frequently winds outside the shop (and sometimes down the street), the line moves pretty quickly because the employees work at an amazing speed.

Beveridge Craft Beer and Soap

51 N. Main St.


Who would have thought that beer and soap would go together? Well, they really don’t unless you are at Beveridge. Friends recommend the flight of regional beers, but co-owner Lisa is so knowledgeable, you may just want to ask her. And after you sample the beer, take some of them and the soap home with you for yourself and gifts for friends.

Why would you want beer soap? There’s actually a good reason there’s beer in the soap. The hops from the beer are good for your skin, especially if you got a sunburn at Albee Beach after forgetting to reapply your sunscreen.

Country Bookseller

23 N. Main St.


What’s a summer vacay without a good book to read? In the tradition of the best indie bookstores, Country Bookseller has a sizable collection with a generous selection. It’s also a great place to get out of the sun and cool down with gelato. Hint: Check out the used hardbacks in the rear for great bargains!


Who is Al Stevens and where does he shop in Wolfeboro?


winnipesaukee diver

Dive Winnipesaukee

4 North Main St.


Apparently, visitors of any age can stand-up paddle (SUP), because Nick managed to convince an aging dog-paddler she could do it. It was great fun despite a few wobbles when wakes came through! Dive Winnipesaukee offers a little bit of everything nautical, including water bounce platforms and trampolines, but its forté is training and equipping divers who wish to explore the hundreds of boat wrecks beneath Lake Winnipesaukee.


Black’s Paper Store and Gift Shop

8 S. Main St.


Vacation means souvenirs, and Black’s has something for everyone, plus a nice selection of items with Wolfeboro emblazoned on them. If you have young children, be prepared for them to want everything they see!

Made on Earth

33 N. Main St.


If you believe in fair trade, this is the shop for you. Yeah, it has a bit of a hippy flavor but that is part of its charm—that and Mary Beth, who is so earnest she could make a believer out of a politician! The clothing reflects the spirit of a bygone era with the sass of today and is suitable for those of us who enjoyed the 1960s. But there’s more—jewelry, tarot cards, and decorations. How did they manage to display so many different things in this tiny shop?

The proximity from Wolfeboro to Sugar Hill Retirement Community is a deciding factor for many of the current residents. Their pride in the town and the entire area is apparent as they brag about it to friends, relatives, acquaintances, and...really, anyone who’ll listen.

If you’re looking for a resident-driven cooperative senior living community, please take the time to schedule a tour. We’d love to have you visit!


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