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13 August, 2015

6 Games to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Our aging brains need as much exercise as the rest of our bodies. Engaging your brain through regular activity is necessary to keep your mind at its best. Try these 6 games to yourself sharp.

6 Games to Keep Your Brain Sharp

1) Memory

You might recall a card game designed to help children improve their memory skills. The game consists of several pairs of cards in a deck to be laid face down in rows/columns. Once the player flips one card to reveal the item, he/she must find its match by turning one more card.

The children’s version is pretty simple with relatively few pairs, but you can kick it up a notch. Use playing cards to up the ante with a bigger deck. Challenging yourself is fun and healthy.

2) Sudoku

The modern Sudoku puzzle was invented in the late 1970s and has been stumping folks ever since. These “magic squares” are great for pushing your limits because they can be for all skill levels. You may start wherever you’re comfortable and work your way up to expert status.

3) Solitaire

This classic game involves nothing you don’t already own and can lead to some nostalgic fun. Virtually everyone knows how to play, but if you need to brush up on the rules, a simple web search will provide everything you need to know. A couple of games of solitaire will have your wheels turning.

4) Tetris

Online versions of this 1980s classic are still available today. Unlike many other puzzle games that allow the user to play at his/her pace, Tetris designates the speed of play. As the pieces fall from the “sky” the player must determine most efficient way to stack them so no space is wasted. Warning: you may find this game highly addictive!

5) Checkers

This is a great strategy game that allows you to get some social time with a friend or relative. What better way to maintain brain strength than teach your grandkids how to play checkers? There are also many versions of the game accessible online.

6) Scrabble

This board game has been a staple of our culture for decades. It’s a great reason to gather and socialize with friends (which also helps brain health) and engage in friendly competition. Remember, these games are supposed to be fun!

Try to change it up and play a variety of games. If you only play one game, you’ll get too good at it without receiving all of the potential benefits.

What are you doing to keep your brain healthy? Please share with us in the comments below!

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