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25 February, 2015

5 Ways to Enjoy a Senior-Driven Community

If you’re kicking around the notion of making a move to a senior living community, think about what’s important to you. Then ask yourself if those same things are important to your prospective retirement community. This week we are talking about resident driven communities. You value your happiness and your new senior living community should too.

Resident driven care is not an infant concept in our industry, but it is the most appreciated. Autonomic seniors across the U.S. seek these cooperative retirement communities. What’s the difference between resident-driven communities and everyone else?

What Do We Value Most?

In resident-driven establishments like Sugar Hill, there are 5 cardinal concepts:


First and foremost is the principle of respect. To us, mutual respect is the foundation of all else. We expect this to be evident in our staff both inside and outside of the community.


An independent lifestyle hinges on a resident being able to make selections. Many of us are habitual or have routines we favor over others. Your new home shouldn’t force you to find new familiarities or behaviors of which you’re not comfortable. A proper senior living community seeks input from the residents and provides them with the freedom to live their lives.


In this field, “community” is a word that gets strewed about from time to time. At Sugar Hill, we don’t use it as a term for the arrangement of homes. Instead, we strive to cultivate a rich network of support in our employees and residents. A truly unified community is a powerful influence.


We believe that great relationships are the fabric of what makes us a wonderful destination for aging. Bonding as human beings instills a concerning and compassionate drive in us all. Come visit us in Wolfeboro and look for these kinships.


If you don’t feel empowered as a resident, you cannot help us become a better organization to serve you. Through various avenues we encourage residents to make contributions to our community to benefit themselves and one another. Our mission is furthered by the ideas of our residents.

With this ideology ingrained in our roots, it is easy to see how Sugar Hill Retirement Community is one of New England’s best. Surrounding yourself with qualified professionals who respect and empower you is one of the many benefits of retirement in our New Hampshire community. Come, visit us and experience a resident-driven community for yourself.

Have you been asking the right questions to your prospective retirement community? Contact us to schedule your visit today!What makes a co-op one of the most desirable places to retire?

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