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27 September, 2017

5 Top Walking Trails Near Sugar Hill

Residents of Sugar Hill Retirement Community are fortunate to have more than 130 acres to use for walking. They are even more fortunate to have the aid of students from the nearby Brewster Academy, who have taken on the task of redeveloping those trails as part of a community service project to make the trails more walkable for residents.

The Sugar Hill walking club consists of a number of residents who travel to nearby trails to enjoy nature and explore the area, according to Life Enrichment Coordinator Robert Smith. Here are their recommendations for walking trails:

5 Trails Recommended by Sugar Hill Residents

#1 Cotton Valley Rail-Trail

This crushed-stone trail begins at the old rail station in Wolfeboro and proceeds along the banks of Lake Wentworth to Cotton Valley Road. The tracks are still being used by local rail clubs so you may hear an occasional train coming. The trail is 6.6 miles although you can continue past Cotton Valley Road to Route 16 in Wakefield.

#2 West Rattlesnake Mountain Trails

This trail to the summit of the mountain is only a mile each way, but it’s all uphill. Start at the Old Bridle Path trailhead in the back of the parking lot on Route 113 and follow the path a little less than a mile. Near the end of the path, Ramsey Trail and, later, Pasture Trail will go off to the right. Ridge Trail is the only path extending to the left and the only one that goes to the summit from this location. You can go back the way you came or take Ramsey Trail (now on your left) to the Uppercut Path. If you turn right on the Uppercut Path, you can make your way back to Route 113 and see the parking lot to your right. Numerous trails crisscross the mountains, many of them leading to features unique to New Hampshire.

 Sugar Hill Walkers on Path

#3 Markus Wildlife Sanctuary Trails

Although Markus Wildlife Sanctuary is the official name of the trails, Sugar Hill walking club members call them Loon Center Trails, because they’re located next to the Loon Center. Choose either the ¼-mile Forest Walk or extend your trek to the 1 ½-mile Loon Nest Trail. The Loon Nest Trail features the state’s iconic granite boulders and the potential to view the waterfowl for which the trail is named.

#4 Silver Lake State Park Trails

From the parking lot, you can choose from numerous trails of varying lengths, although the difficulty is, at worst, moderate. This is one of the few state parks where your dog is welcome on the trails.

#5 White Lake State Park Loop Trail 

This 2.6-mile loop travels around White Lake and, although it gets a bit narrow in some places, it’s a fairly easy walk. Sugar Hill residents like this path because of the wildlife, such as loons and herons, that can be seen during the trek.

 Sugar Hill Walkers on Path

Sugar Hill Encourages Fitness

With nature and walking paths, fitness classes, and activities galore, Sugar Hill Retirement Community residents have plenty of opportunities to surpass the Health and Human Services guidelines for physical activity. And, with Robert Smith as life enrichment coordinator, the community is developing even more. Experience Sugar Hill by calling (603) 569-8485 or scheduling a tour online.

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