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13 July, 2016

5 Stops to Make in Wolfeboro

Al Stevens, a transportation driver at Sugar Hill, knows some of the best spots to stop in Wolfeboro.

A few days each week, he drives residents where they want to go, whether it’s shopping, dining or just checking out a new place along the lake. The recreational transportation program was put in place as another avenue to promote whole-person wellness at Sugar Hill Retirement Community. The outings provide additional ways for residents to stay active, interact with others and enjoy new experiences.

“They look forward to it and just love it,” Al says.

Al moved to the Wolfeboro area with his wife after retiring as a law enforcement officer from the Washington, D.C. area. Apart from his role of leading the recreational transportation at Sugar Hill, he drives school bus part-time in the area.

Check out Al’s top five recommendations for stops to make in Wolfeboro.

Al’s Top 5 Recommendations in Wolfeboro

1. The Wolfeboro Inn — This historic inn on Wolfeboro Bay houses the gourmet restaurant Wolfe’s Tavern, a hit with locals and visitors. The inn is a 10-minute walk from several antique stores and has a private beach. The beautiful rooms and suites include free WiFi and flat-screen TVs, and some have private decks.

2. Nolan’s Brick Oven Bistro — Nolan’s presents Italian dishes and hand-tossed wood fire brick oven pizza in Wolfeboro. With locally-grown fresh ingredients, their food is incredible.

3. Yum Yum Shop — Stop by this lovely bakery for a treat when it’s open for the season. The Tonight Show Star Jimmy Fallon, who has a home in the area, has even mentioned the Yum Yum Shop on his show.

4. Penny Candy Shop — Have a sweet tooth? When you’ve had your fill of the Yum Yum Shop, check out Penny Candy Shop, just across the street from the bakery. With all of these wonderful places for sweet treats, your sweet tooth will always be satisfied!

5. Main Street — You really can’t go wrong in Wolfeboro. Go anywhere, and you’re bound to find a gem of a place. It’s a quaint New England town, so what’s not to love? The public beaches all around make it relaxing, peaceful and beautiful. Wolfeboro truly lives up to its motto, “The Oldest Summer Resort in America.” What’s holding you back?

 Why should you choose Wolfeboro for your retirement living? Visit Sugar Hill’s Website to learn more about the benefits of living in a Retirement Community and why you should live in Wolfeboro, NH.

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