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18 May, 2017

5 Reasons to Choose Sugar Hill

We asked residents of Sugar Hill Retirement Community why they chose to live here. In no particular order, here are some of their answers.

#1 Cooperative

Sugar Hill is a cooperative community, which means that residents not only own their own homes, they have a vote in how the entire corporation is run. Residents purchase stock ownership, then make a monthly payment.

Financial benefits of investing in a co-op include tax breaks, limited liability, and potential profit. When you sell your cottage or apartment, your receive 92% of its value.

Plus, you never have to mow your own lawn, trim your own bushes or make your own repairs. The association will even pay your insurance so you don’t have to remember.


Why choose a cooperative community? Here’s why.


#2 Residents

“We have some of the best and brightest people from New Hampshire, New England, and all across the country who retire here because of all we have to offer” is how Life Enrichment Coordinator Robert Smith describes the residents of Sugar Hill Retirement Community. In addition, residents are among the happiest around, judging from the frequent sounds of laughter in the halls, at the coffee shop, and on the bocce court.

#3 Campus

“We have the fitness center, coffee shop, billiards room, multimedia room, arts and crafts center—all under one roof,” notes Executive Director Pam Bigwood. There’s also the hair salon inside the main building.

Outside, 2 miles of trail wend through woods and glades. The bocce court is always a big draw during the summer, especially when the grill is employed for hungry players.

Many of the cottages have 3-season or 4-season porches to enjoy the view. And we haven’t mentioned the entertainment and other programs yet.

#4 Coffee Shop

Every day, something is going on in the coffee shop. Social Hour offers residents a chance to get together and make plans over coffee and breakfast. Or residents can stretch Tuesdays and Thursdays as part of Limber Up in the Coffee Shop. We’ll get to the delicious food, though, later in our list.

#5 Wolfeboro

The “oldest summer resort in America” has something for everyone. Enjoy all four seasons boating and fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee. During the summer, you can add swimming. Because it is a resort town, Wolfeboro has some of the state’s finest shopping, as well as year-’round cultural events and entertainment.

As you have guessed, we’re not done yet. Look for 5 More Reasons to Choose Sugar Hill next month.

Don’t Want to Wait?

If you don’t want to wait to discover more reasons to choose Sugar Hill Retirement Community, take a tour. Call us at (603) 569-8485 or schedule a tour online.

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