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21 November, 2017

5 Benefits of Downsizing for The Holidays

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, who would think about starting to downsize? Surely not you!

But perhaps you should. The benefits of downsizing are many and varied, and the holidays are a surprisingly good time to tackle the task.


Why should you downsize? Here are 10 reasons to get started.


5 Reasons to Downsize during the Winter Holidays

Here are 5 benefits of downsizing during the holidays:

1. The season of giving makes it easier to give items to your family. You may find it easier to give your irreplaceable heirlooms to your children and other family members while they’re more receptive to receiving things. Of course, you don’t need to replace all your usual gifts with keepsakes from your home. Simply send your family home with additional “gifts” to make your work much easier later on.

This is also a great opportunity to determine what to discard when downsizing. You don’t want to pitch something of great sentimental value to your children, so ask them to help you out by picking the family treasures they want. You never know what will have a strong emotional connection for them.

2. Families can help downsize. The family’s already gathering, so put them to work processing the items you want to sell, give away, and donate. Ask your grown children to help move heavier things like furniture and boxes. And since the grandchildren are out of school, they can be a lot of help moving smaller items and getting rid of clutter.

You can also ask their advice when it comes to donating your unwanted belongings after the downsizing project is complete. They may have ideas for where to donate downsized items that you would have never thought of on your own.

3. Donations are even more appreciated during the holidays. You may think your donated items are no big deal, but they are sure to make someone’s holiday a little brighter. Just keep in mind that charities can’t accept all donations that come their way—use this list of donated items that can’t be accepted from Goodwill as a guide.

4. The activity of downsizing may be a diversion and an excuse. If you become stressed by all the social obligations and to-do lists, downsizing may provide a diversion that can help reduce your holiday stress. Going through old belongings is a low-stress, physically easy exercise that can help take your mind off your ever-growing holiday checklist.

Also, if you hate holiday shopping or don’t want to host Christmas dinner, your downsizing duties provide a handy excuse. It’s a simple yet effective way to turn down invitations without hurting any feelings. Simply explain that you gave yourself a downsizing deadline and need to get some work done as it approaches.

5. Downsize your home and downsize your holiday. Many families, fed up with the hype that surrounds winter holidays, have decided to downsize by making the holiday more about presence than presents. Downsizing your house makes this a prime opportunity to change the holiday tradition to emphasize family, not gifts.

Decorating after Downsizing

Once you’ve cleaned out and decluttered your old house, learn how to make the new house your home. Our guide, 10 Tips for Decorating after Downsizing, offers information on how to:

  • determine your new lifestyle needs
  • utilize all available space
  • get rid of unwanted clutter
  • make your home appear larger
  • decorate with safety in mind

10 Tips for Decorating After Downsizing

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