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29 November, 2016

5 Benefits of Downsizing during The Holidays

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, who would think of attempting to downsize? Surely not you!

But perhaps you should.

Here are 5 benefits of downsizing during the holidays:

1. The season of giving makes it easier to give items to your family. You may find it easier to give your irreplaceable mementos to your children and family while they’re receptive. If replacing your usual lavish number of gifts with keepsakes from your home is unimaginable, having your family take their additional “gifts” home with them will make your work much easier.

2. Family can help. The family’s already gathering, so put them to work sorting items you want to keep, sell, give away, and donate. Since the grandchildren are out of school, they can be a lot of help moving items and getting rid of clutter.

3. Donations are even more appreciated during the holidays. You may think your donated items are no big deal, but they are sure to make someone’s holiday brighter.

4. The activity of downsizing may be a diversion and an excuse. If you become stressed by holiday shopping and activities, downsizing may provide a diversion that will reduce your stress. If you hate holiday shopping or don’t want to host Christmas dinner, your downsizing duties provide a handy excuse.

5. Downsize your home and your holiday. Many families, fed up with the hype that surrounds winter holidays, have decided to downsize by making the holiday more about presence than presents. Downsizing your house makes this a prime opportunity to change the holiday tradition to emphasize family, not gifts.

Decorating after Downsizing

Once you’ve cleaned out and decluttered your old house, learn how to make the new house your home. "Downsizing & Decorating" offers information on how to:

  • determine your lifestyle needs
  • utilize all available space
  • get rid of clutter
  • make your home appear larger
  • decorate for safety

Sugar Hill Downsizing and decorating


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