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05 August, 2015

3 Exercises to Build a Healthier You

As the authors of a retirement community blog, we simply can’t talk about exercise enough. The aging process increases the need for physical activity as our health needs continue to grow. At Sugar Hill, we strive to offer our residents every opportunity to maintain and/or improve their healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

Unfortunately, our joints start to experience some difficulties as we age. Choosing low-impact exercises can make all of the difference, though. A low-impact regimen can be easy to follow, produce less stress on your body and have innumerable benefits.

What is Low-Impact Exercise?

The term “low-impact” refers to exercises that reduce wear and tear on our joints. They are easier on our bodies than running or other exercises that involve movement with both feet off the ground.

Low-impact exercise is physical activity that allows us to keep at least one foot on the ground at all times. These exercises provide four basic fitness benefits--endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance--that can all be gained by these simple movements.

There are many exercises that qualify. Some can be accomplished almost anywhere. We’ll help you get started with low-impact exercise that will help you reap all the benefits of physical activity.

No Equipment Necessary

You don’t need a fancy gym or a spotter to get great exercise. Walking is one of the best exercises for older adults. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and a little bit of time.

Make sure you stretch thoroughly before and after your walk. Having a friend to walk with can be a great way to get social interaction and fitness benefits at the same time.

Low-Impact, High Results

Rowing, whether it is on the water or in the fitness center, is a great exercise for those looking to get results out of a few half hour sessions each week. Rowing burns calories and increases strength. Whether you’re fortunate enough have access to a watercraft and body of water, or if you make use of a rowing machine, this is a great low-impact option.

Get Wet

We can’t do a list of low-impact exercises and omit swimming. Swimming works wonders and does it all with water to support the body by relieving stress on joints and bones. Productive time in the pool allows us to improve our flexibility and endurance. It may even help older adults avoid losing bone density.

Regardless of how you choose to exercise, make sure you stay hydrated. Bringing water to the pool may seem like an oddity, but an intense workout like swimming requires as much hydration as any workout.

Are you doing enough to keep your body healthy? Please share in the comments below!

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