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13 July, 2017

Meet Gina Colantuono, Resident Service Coordinator

No one at Sugar Hill Retirement Community has to introduce themselves to the new Resident Service Coordinator, because they’ve known her for years. When Gina Colantuono moved to New Hampshire from Rhode Island, she never envisioned she’d work at one place for 15 years, but here she is.

“I originally came in as housekeeping for 2 years, then went to maintenance,” she explains.

A Familiar Face in a New Position

She applied for the position of Resident Service Coordinator because of her knowledge of the community’s systems and residents.

“I felt I could offer a little bit more to the Sugar Hill community,” she says. By that, she means increasing efficiency and service to residents. For example, if a resident puts in a maintenance request, she can prioritize it so maintenance deals with the most urgent requests first.

She’s also very familiar with the emergency response pendants residents have, because she’s maintained them for years. “I can just go do it without having to worry about bothering maintenance,” she notes.

Her position entails “a lot of everything”, including signing residents up for meals or informing the kitchen staff if a resident can’t make a meal they signed up for. She posts information about activities and events in the community and works with Life Enrichment Coordinator Robert Smith to ensure activities and events go off successfully. Gina also became a notary so she can notarize resident documents for them.

The Key Is Meeting Residents’ Needs

“Most of the time, I have the answers they need, and I can take care of things they need to have done. It's easier for them to go to me, because I know their needs,” she remarks.

Her goal, she says, is to treat residents as she would like to be treated.

Working in maintenance for so long, she’s collected many funny stories about Sugar Hill, most of which have something to do with a well-maintained piece of machinery that mysteriously breaks down right before a snowstorm.

Part of the Sugar Hill Team

She not only likes her co-workers, she’s proud of how they all work together. “The people I work with are great!”

Gina’s real focus, though is the residents.

“Everybody has a story, and these people have the best stories. We have fun together. They trust us. I really respect them and treat them like family.”

Become Part of the Sugar Hill Community

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